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Sports Physiotherapy

Whether you are a recreational sportsperson or an elite athlete, injuries can occur.

Our physiotherapists all have special interests in sports physiotherapy and have personal experience at competing and coaching at representative levels in their chosen sport.

We work with you from your earliest diagnosis through to rehabilitation and regaining your strength and endurance ready to safely and quickly return to your sport.

Sports Physio Techniques

We understand the pressures on athletes to quickly return to competitive level sport after injury.

Through clinically tested and proven hands-on therapeutic techniques, combined with state of the art electronic diagnostic and healing equipment, and carefully staged exercise regimes, we assist you recover and heal in the fastest time possible.

Running Assessment

If your chosen sport involves running, we offer in-house running assessment to assess your gait and recommend technique corrections.

Where indicated, we partner this assessment with custom built orthotics to correct any foot imbalances to reduce injury recurrence and to increase comfort when you run.

Integrated Sporting Injury Rehabilitation

We recognise that most sporting injuries require a team to effectively treat the person, which is why we work closely with your trainer/coach, surgeon, sports psychologist and exercise physiologists to provide integrated care. By working as a team, we can get you back at competitive level that much sooner

Physio and client completing injury assessment
Physio and client performing hydotherapy

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